How to Use Your Content to Enhance User Experience

Posted on June 7, 2019

Content Marketing that Boosts Conversions

Content marketing refers to creating and sharing material like blogs and videos to provide information and generate interest about goods, services, or a brand. Rather than focusing on selling or promotion, the goal is to get a reader or viewer interested and engaged by offering highly valuable, relevant information to the user.

Content marketing is a vital part of improving traffic to your website and converting visitors into customers. Because it’s such an essential part of a visitor’s experience at your website, you have to make writing a high priority and write with your customer in mind, instead of just simply writing all the facts and information about your business or a related topic. In order to generate interest (and with it, sales), it’s just as important to make sure your content is easy to understand and appealing to the reader.

The more engaging and well-organized your content is, the more time users are likely to spend on your site and the more likely they are to convert or become customers. After all, that’s the whole point of this aspect of your digital marketing.

Tips for User-friendly Content

web content tips

  • Cater to your Target Market: The most important first step when writing your web content is to define your target market. Are you selling construction equipment to builders in the industry? If so, you can use industry jargon, knowing your audience will understand what you’re talking about. On the other hand, if you’re selling reusable water bottles that are for everyone, you’ll want to carefully define the materials you’re using and why they are beneficial. Otherwise, the average reader will likely not understand.
  • Break Up into Bullet Points and Headings: Reading large blocks of text is intimidating. Most readers only want to skim your content or jump to the piece that is most relevant to their question. If they are forced to read through paragraphs of text to find it, they will probably leave and look for another website. Instead, categorize your content into sections using descriptive headings. Making lists and using a bold font for important phrases is another way to make your content convenient for skimmers.
  • Internal Linking: Aside from SEO purposes, internal linking helps users navigate to find the information they need. As readers come across links to new pages that are relevant to what they are looking for, it’s easy to click and go. The alternative would be to finish reading a page, realize the information isn’t there, and reroute to the menu to continue searching. When this happens, they may “reroute” to another website, instead!
  • Language that Flows: Make sure you eliminate any rambling sentences and use a healthy mix of short, compound, and complex sentences. Basically, read through everything after it’s sat for a couple of days to make sure that it is logical and smooth. Consider having a friend or relative read it from a customer perspective.

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