Writing Website Content That People Will Actually Read

Posted on April 12, 2019

Content marketing is one of the most effective tools you have to not only improve your search engine ranking but also show visitors to your website that you are a market leader who is an authority in your subject. But in order to have that role, your content has to be quality that people want to read.

Adding Categories for a WordPress Website BlogThink about it – don’t you hate reading an article or website page that is either full of fluff and flowery language or overly technical jargon and walls of text? Website visitors hate this too, and when faced with either of these scenarios, they will leave a website and go looking elsewhere for the information they need.

In a world where time is one of the most valuable resources we have, it is important that you convince your website visitors why they should invest time into reading your content. How do you prove to your audience that your material is worth reading? Read the tips below for ways you can create must-read worthy content.

  1. Make the text on your site short and easy to read. When paragraphs are too lengthy, you’ll overwhelm and lose your audience – and they will miss out on important tips or information. Use lists and bullet points so readers can easily skim your content and find what they are looking for.
  2. Use images and/or graphics that pop! Images help break up your content and help spice up your messaging. Plus, they can illustrate ideas more quickly or support your statement effectively. Unique, interesting, and quality imagery attracts the eye and can spark your readers curiosity, helping more visitors to stay on the page and read your copy.
  3. Cater your content to each platform. Avoid copying and pasting the same messaging on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Use each platform as an opportunity to engage with those readers based on each specific platform (use hashtags on Twitter, use attractive, vibrant images on Instagram, write more in-depth messages or articles on your blog, etc.)
  4. Write original content. Consumers engage on social media and share articles that deliver interesting and custom content. Do not rewrite an article thinking you’ll gain much traction. Try taking a different approach on an existing topic so that you can avoid blending in with the crowd.

Even though your visitors are busy, effective website content can turn your customers into loyal brand representatives for your company by sharing your content across social media, which will grow your visibility and add credibility to your brand. Stop boring your readers with lengthy text, outdated images, and repetitive content – show them why your content is worth their time (and money)!

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