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Contractor SEO / Search Engine Optimization for Home Servicing Businesses

Effective local SEO for home servicing contractors from our award-winning marketing team!

You want your home-service contracting business to be highly visible when people search online so you can get more business in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area. SEO can help you get there!

Is your business one of the top results people see when searching online for services like yours? With 95% of consumers searching online, if you aren’t showing up in the search results, you’re missing sales! Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important digital marketing strategies to get your business noticed. SEO can make a huge difference in increasing your visibility and boosting sales. WPdigital can be a partner with you for SEO on your website so you can be in the top spots when people search online!

What Exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization, SEO, is the process of making changes to your website design and content in order to help it appear in the search engine results. The search engines have algorithms that they use when scanning your site, looking at design and content elements to determine what type of topics your website discusses and how user-friendly the site is. This process of scanning is called “crawling,” and it helps the engines deliver more relevant and useful search results to its users.

When you improve your SEO, it’s easier for the search engines to understand what your business is about. The better your website looks to the search engines, the better chance that they will recommend your website to users when they are searching. In other words, your site will be showing up for searches. This is called having a high ranking. 

Knowing what the search engines are looking for is critical in order to make sure your website has those elements. A lot is encompassed in giving the search engines what they want. That’s where WPdigital can help!

How WPdigital Can Help Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

At WPdigital, we realize that you’re very busy. You may be doing the actual work for the business yourself or you may be managing employees. Because you are busy, you probably don’t have the time to improve the SEO on your website. But, we can! It’s what we do everyday and specialize in. WPdigital works specifically with home contracting services like yours to enhance online exposure and bring business. We are experienced at creating a marketing strategy that includes SEO and gets you results! SEO can take some time to implement so getting an early start is crucial.

When you partner with WPdigital, we can function as your one-stop shop for creating your website, marketing with strategies like SEO, and providing other tasks that enhance your site to get your business noticed. You can choose different levels of help from us, depending on what you need and your budget.

Benefits of Local SEO

Some of the key benefits of implementing SEO in a marketing strategy include:

User-Friendly Site – It’s important in this competitive environment that your site is not only pleasing the search engines but also appealing to the customer. These days, people want to be able to quickly find what they are looking for. They want a site that is both attractive and is easy to understand. SEO can do this!

Attract and Bring in More Customers – SEO gets your site in a position where it is seen by customers who are looking for the service and it provides content that calls customers to action.

Better Conversion Rates – A site that has SEO operates better than sites that don’t have SEO. With SEO, your site loads faster, is easier to read and navigate, and operates on a variety of mobile devices. These features can result in better conversions from prospective customers to real customers.

Build Brand Awareness – SEO, when done correctly, will rank you higher on the search engine results pages, so that you build brand awareness. As people see you more frequently, they get to know you better. As an additional benefit, awareness also creates a higher level of trust.

Jump Over the Competition – When your site is optimized and the competition isn’t, you’re in a position to get noticed and they aren’t! This is where you want to be!

Our Organic SEO Services

As part of the website creation, we set up pages with SEO in mind to target and convert visitors. 

WPdigital’s SEO tactics and services include:

White Hat Search Engine Optimization – We provide safe and ethical optimization practices. We never use shady tactics that will actually get you penalized by search engines.

On-Site SEO – We optimize your website for both search engines and users. First, you need to show up in search results. But, at the end of the day, the users also need to understand what you do. We improve your content, images, and everything in between!

Local SEO – We make sure that your business appears in search results in your local area, including Google Maps and Yelp. This is perfect for small businesses or service-based companies.

Organic SEO – We get results using algorithm-driven methods like keyword research, content creation, and generating quality backlinks.

Off-Site SEO – Our off-site optimization builds your site’s trustworthiness through quality links, reviews, and social media marketing.

Don’t Delay – Call Us Today!

SEO can be beneficial for home contracting businesses in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, like yours, by driving traffic and sales. SEO should be incorporated sooner rather than later so you can begin seeing the results. WPdigital wants to help you achieve these business goals and bypass the competition. Call us today at 919-944-4284 to talk about creating a digital marketing campaign with SEO!